Top 10 Best Electric Kettles Reviews In 2022

Electric kettles are convenient and vital appliances that everyone finds handy. They are designed to ensure fast water boiling hence great for different functions. Whether making tea, baby food preparation or noodles, these kettles are convenient. The great thing is they are usable in various places like home, apartments and dorms due to their compact nature. With a variety of kettles available, everyone has a chance of enjoying the right design and performance. 

There are tons of features one needs to check when buying an electric kettle. However, the capacity and power consumption are some of the primary considerations. Additionally, other features like smart controls and user-friendliness make the kettle ideal great for daily use. The construction of these appliances also differs from metal, glass and others. This ensures they can last while also keeping them non-reactive to keep water fresh and taste-free. To enjoy the convenience, having the best electric kettle is the ideal solution. 

List of Best Electric Kettles

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10. COSORI Electric Kettle

COSORI Electric Kettle

Getting the best electric kettle requires a careful evaluation. You need to ensure it is made of durable, safe, and food-grade materials. The Cosori electric kettle passes the test as it features food-grade borosilicate glass. It resists scuffing and scratching to provide prolonged durability.

Besides, it works magic by boiling your water in less than 7 minutes. The auto shut off feature provides added safety and energy-saving functionality. The quick boil function means that this kettle is a sure way of substituting the microwave, stove, or the old-fashioned kettles.


  • Quick boiling
  • Incredible safety features
  • Elegant appearance
  • Food grade glass


  • Highly-priced

9. HadinEEon Electric Kettle

HadinEEon Electric Kettle

With variable temperature control, this electric kettle allows you to select the preferred water temperature. The keep-warm function will keep the water ready for brewing the next beverage. The kettle’s controls are pretty easy to use, and the precise heat control allows you to enjoy the optimal flavor.

Moreover, it is rated 1200 watts hence provides reliable and constant heating for quick brewing. The auto-off feature protects the device as it prevents it from boiling dry. The beautiful transparent design allows you to see the water level and observe the heating process.


  • Food grade material
  • High power efficiency
  • Great safety features
  • Ergonomic handle


  • The external finish isn’t very durable.

8. Miroco Electric Kettle, 1.5L Double Wall

Miroco Electric Kettle, 1.5L Double Wall

The double-wall stainless steel construction ensures superb functionality and durability of this kettle. Every aspect of this kettle is food grade. The design entails 304 stainless steel and BPA-free plastics ensuring your beverage remains safe and the flavors are unaffected.

The double-wall eliminates scratching and possibilities of scalding. Besides, it has a wide spout and opening that allows easy refilling and cleaning.


  • Fast boiling
  • Great capacity
  • Exquisite design
  • Safe and durable double wall


  • No complaints so far

7. Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle

The electric kettle has become essential in the modern kitchen collection. One of the best is the Mueller 1500 watts kettle. Unlike others, it heats the water fast in less than 6 minutes. The design combines co-polyester, 304 stainless steel, and premium borosilicate glass. Hence, it is a durable, easy to clean, safe, and elegant kitchen appliance.

It is equipped with an LED light so that you can operate it in low light conditions. Also, it has an effective thermostat controller that turns off the device after 30 seconds when the water starts to boil. Besides, it becomes completely cordless when you remove the base for easy and unobstructed pouring.


  • Powerful kettle
  • Easy to operate
  • Functional LED light
  • Large opening


  • Lid jams at times

6. VOSEN Electric Kettle Electric Tea Kettle

VOSEN Electric Kettle Electric Tea Kettle

This electric kettle boasts upgraded technology that ensures safety and efficient water boiling. The interior features a premium 304 stainless steel lining. It is rustproof and doesn’t affect the taste of the water. Also, the spout and opening are large to allow hassle-free refilling and cleaning.

Additionally, the brushed stainless steel exterior gives this kettle a unique outlook that will complement your kitchen. For safety, the handles are thermally insulated, and the double walls prevent scalds.


  • Very powerful
  • Awesome finish
  • Premium steel construction
  • Excellent thermal insulation


  • Pricier than most other top-rated options

5. Dezin Electric Kettle

Dezin Electric Kettle

The Dezin electric kettle is one of the few options of the market that boasts superior design. It features a glass window and double-walled, giving a unique viewing experience and safe functionality. It allows you to put the correct amount of water, thereby eliminating guesswork.

Also, the outer layer is thickened to offer exceptional thermal insulation to prevent scalds. The bicolor LED and stay-warm function are unique aspects of this kettle and are game-changers. The kettle’s body features premium borosilicate material that prevents accidental breaking.


  • Convenient double switch
  • Versatile function
  • Elegant see-through design
  • Affordable option


  • The bottom tends to scratch easily.

4. COMFEE’ Electric Kettle

COMFEE' Electric Kettle

Preparing quick tea or coffee has never been this easy. The Comfee electric kettle is uniquely constructed to bring convenience when you want to have hot water ready all the time. With 1500 watts, it is a powerful water heater that gets the job done in about five minutes.

Also, it features high quality, food-grade stainless steel, and there is no plastic part that comes into contact with the water. Hence, it retains the water flavor so that you can make tasty beverages anytime. The swivel base is removable for perfect cable management, and there is a soft light indicator.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Reliable capacity
  • Elegant color
  • Superb boiling


  • Not very durable

3. Primens Electric Water Kettle

Primens Electric Water Kettle

While this electric kettle is among the affordable options, it provides unmatched performance in preparing water for tea, coffee, soya, and other delicacies. With 8 cups capacity, it is a perfect option for family use. It features an upgraded technology that involves water cycling to ensure fast heating.

Besides, the 1500 watts power rating means that this is a powerful water heater that accomplishes the job within six seconds. For safety, it features the auto-shutoff feature after 15 seconds once the water boils. The double-wall design means that it stays lukewarm on the outside to prevent scalds.


  • Food grade materials
  • Unique style
  • Fast boiling
  • Incredible safety features


  • Hard thumb press

2. Dezin Electric Kettle

Dezin Electric Kettle

The unique see-through design and powerful heating element make this Dezin electric kettle worth the dollars. The combination of food-grade 304 stainless steel and borosilicate glass makes it perfect for kitchen use.

Also, the 1.5-liter capacity and functional switches make it great. It is also equipped with safety intelligent control that self-activates 30 seconds after the water boils. The LED light and keep warm feature make this kettle better than most top-rated models.


  • Powerful kettle
  • Large and comfortable handle
  • Crack-proof glass
  • Reliable volume


  • The glass can break if the kettle falls on a hard surface

1. Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Electric Kettle

Pohl Schmitt 1.7L Electric Kettle

The Pohl Schmitt electric kettle also comes as one of the best options that won’t break your bank. One good thing about this kettle is that it doesn’t alter the pure taste of water. It includes food grade materials that don’t change the taste nor the smell of the water.

Moreover, it features a precise thermostat that turns off the system within thirty seconds after the water boils. Equipped with a blue LED indicator, it is easy to know when the water is about to boil. Also, it boasts rapid-heat technology that allows water to boil within three to seven minutes.


  • Modern, sleek design
  • Reliable safety features
  • Rapid heating
  • Stain-proof interior


  • Some customers feel the price is above the expected.