Privacy Policy

We at value our visitors. That is why your security online is our priority. In this privacy policy, we ensure you understand how we collect, use, and secure your information. Your information is valuable, and that is why we provide everyone understands and get peace of mind when visiting our site.

Besides getting all the needed information, we make it simple to read and understand. Therefore, no technicalities when reading our terms.

The gathered information is handled and secured per data regulations. Thus, once it provides us with information or automatically collected, we ensure no loopholes for data loss or theft.

Although we bear the responsibility to keep your information safe, by accessing our website, you accept our terms and conditions.


Information we collect

Through accessing our website, we might collect, store, and use some of your information. However, we assure our visitors that the information gathered is only used for the improvement of services. Therefore, there is no sharing of data with third parties. Some of the collected info includes


Cookies are unique files generated and by the system and saved to computers when you access a website. They are vital when you are surfing since they allow easy communication with the system. These files are store in your computer through a browser and can be cleared anytime you wish. Before saving these files, the browser will ask whether you want to use them or not. However, some people might opt to disable the cookies, leaving them turned on offers the best site navigation experience.

Log files

Once you access our website, small logs files are generated by the system. They help our team monitor the security as well as general usage by our visitors. The data include some elements like IP address, browser, time, location, and other related information. This data is only available to us can’t be accessed by third parties.

How to use and store collected data

The collected data is valuable to us. It is the information that we use to create and optimize the visitors’ content. Also, in the case of email addresses, they enable us to reach our users efficiently and quickly. They are great for mailing when we have updated something on our site.

Besides the ability to deliver efficient mainlining services and notifications, we store the data in a high-security format. The data is always protected using high-tech encryption to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Mostly, the data is stored in an encrypted and human unreadable format. The readable data is only accessed when needed by authorized.

Protection of data

We employ a comprehensive data protection mechanisms. They are aimed at keeping our users collected information safe from unauthorized usage. Besides the storage protection, our website ensures data is safe even when on transit. We do not have third-party data storage hence guaranteeing top-notch safety.

Third-party services

We are involved in the Amazon affiliate program. Therefore some of the links s in our site will direct you to the Amazon or sites that we are affiliate partners. The terms and conditions of the respective website apply when you leave our website. Whether its cookies and other services that collect your data, we have no control. Therefore, you are subjected to the terms and conditions of any third party website.