Top 10 Best Salad Plates Reviews In 2022

Making a great salad is superb, but serving it and maintain it fresh needs right utensils. Whether its knives, forks, and other serving equipment, they need to keep your salad fresh. Salad plates are designed to ensure there is no reaction between freshly cut vegetables and materials used. Basically, there are many materials like ceramic, stainless steel, and others that make these plates. Although the plates are superb for salad, they are versatile and suit different desserts. As a result, selecting premium quality plates to ensure your serving is easy. For the best salad plates for every home, this list offers top-rated selections.


List of Best Salad Plates

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10. Anchor Hocking 8-Inch Presence Glass Salad Plate

Anchor Hocking 8-Inch Presence Glass Salad Plate

The Anchor glass salad plate set features a dozen 8-inch glass plates. They boast a classic design and feel a little bit heavy. They are easy to clean and are the right size for every occasion. Also, these plates are durable since the glass material is dishwasher safe, oven safe, and microwave safe. The expert style of these glass plates allows easy handling of food while boosting their appearance. Thus, they have their way of increasing your appetite because they make the food more inviting. Moreover, the glass material won’t warp due to heat, and hence the plates are more practical than the plastic ones. We recommend these salad plates to anyone whose hobby is cooking. They don’t stain easily or crack due to heat, and therefore you can serve different delicacies.


  • Chemical-free
  • Versatile design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe


  • Pricey

9. Update International (WRP-10) 10″ Woven Salad Plates

Update International (WRP-10) 10" Woven Salad Plates

Apart from the glass salad plates, the woven wood plates are also popular. Here is an amazing salad plate set by Update International. The rounded and hollowed design makes them stylish and perfect for serving dishes. You’ll also appreciate them because they are lightweight and resistant to scratches. Also, they are perfectly dishwasher and microwave safe. Therefore, it is easy to maintain their hygiene. These are affordable salad plates forged from unique materials. We recommend them to anyone who wants to serve more with fewer hassles. Also, they are versatile and remain durable as long as you maintain them.


  • Unique wooden material
  • Large size plates
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable salad plates


  • Tend to warp if you wash them harshly

8. Mikasa Siena Salad Plate

Mikasa Siena Salad Plate

Are you looking for the best plates for serving salad? Here is a fantastic product by Mikasa. This plate adds an elegant touch on the table with its vibrant and repeating geometric patterns. The hand-painted art and retro art combination create a fantastic depth and movement. Thus, these patterns give each plate a distinct design.


  • Sturdy plate
  • Fashionable pattern
  • Perfect capacity
  • Easy to clean


  • Feels a bit heavy

7. Certified International Talavera 9” Salad/Dessert Plate

Certified International Talavera 9” Salad/Dessert Plate

The unique melamine material makes these salads plates top-ranking. This material is heavy-duty and smooth. It has a stain-proof finish which makes it easy to clean regardless of the kind of salad you’d served. Also, it is dishwasher safe to make cleaning extremely easy. The attractive patterns of these plates will also lure beauty enthusiasts. The heavy-duty melamine material makes these plates ideal for serving medium to large amounts. We recommend this package to anyone with a large family where salad is an adored delicacy.


  • Easy to clean
  • Unique patterns
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Large size


  • Pricier than most salad plate packages

6. Miicol Durable Porcelain 6-Piece Salad Plate

Miicol Durable Porcelain 6-Piece Salad Plate

This half-dozen set of salad plates will change your dining preparation. You can now serve your people with more enthusiasm. These plates boast unique porcelain material. Hence, they are heat safe and clean with ease. Each plate features an 8-inch diameter. The volume is ideal for serving both kids and adults. These plates don’t feel heavy but are sturdy and durable. The glaze of the plat is non-porous, and so they don’t stain or retain smell for long.


  • Easy to wash
  • Premium porcelain
  • Perfect grip material
  • Neutral color


  • Pricey

5. Sweese 112.003 Porcelain Salad Pasta Bowl

Sweese 112.003 Porcelain Salad Pasta Bowl

The Sweese porcelain salad bowls are designed for ultimate versatility. The 22-ounce is an ideal capacity for serving pasta, ice cream, dessert, rice, and other mouth-watering delicacies. Apart from the capacity, the bowl shape is unique and suitable for serving people and pets too. The wide and shallow design allows easy access to food and ensures that it doesn’t stain easily. Designed from premium grade porcelain, these bowls can tolerate microwave and freezer.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stackable design
  • Amazing shape
  • Solid and durable construction


  • A bit heavy

4. Sweese 156.002 Porcelain Fluted Dinner Plates

Sweese 156.002 Porcelain Fluted Dinner Plates

Apart from the assorted colors, these plates are built to give you an easy time in your kitchen. The wide and shallow design is ideal for both people and pets. You can access food from the bowls easily. The incredibly wide diameter of these plates makes them spill-proof. The smooth finish makes it easy to wipe the stains after eating. Also, they are microwave and freezer safe.


  • Premium ceramic material
  • Resistant to chipping
  • Toxic-free
  • Attractive color assortment


  • Some bearable durability issues

3. Foraineam Set of 8 Pieces Rectangular Porcelain Platters

Foraineam Set of 8 Pieces Rectangular Porcelain Platters

These 8 Inch rectangular plates will bring a new way of serving your kids or guests. They are crafted out of premium porcelain material. This is stain proof and odor resistant material. These plates are ideal for serving dessert, veggies, sushi, appetizers, and any food material you may find worth it. The unique arc edge design, shiny surface, and white color will surely bring a glamorous look on your food table.


  • Safe porcelain material
  • Stackable rectangular shape
  • Great for many delicacies
  • Affordable plates


  • Cream white color not pure white

2. Sweese 161.001 Porcelain Inner Fluted Dessert Salad Plates

Sweese 161.001 Porcelain Inner Fluted Dessert Salad Plates

Are you looking for the best dessert plates? These Sweese inner fluted dessert plates are a perfect option. They are spill-proof thanks to the raised lip around the edge of the plate. The inner fluted design gives a unique shining appearance which makes your dining table elegant. Their stackable design saves space in your kitchen and allows easy portability and serving. The material of these plates is lead-free porcelain, and hence it’s fully food-grade.


  • Spill-proof design
  • Chip-resistant design
  • Heat and freezer resistant
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Can scratch if handled badly

1. Klikel Glass Plate Clear For Salad

Klikel Glass Plate Clear For Salad

When looking for the best dessert plates, you’ve to keep in mind food-safety, ease of cleaning, and durability. These Klikel glass plates offer more than the attributes as mentioned earlier. They offer sparkling elegance, and the glass material is almost chip resistant. The material is lead-free, and there are no leaking chemicals. Thus, you can serve you sumptuous dishes without worries. Also, they boast stylish engraving at the bottom, giving them a luxurious design.


  • Robust and durable
  • Not too heavy
  • Food-grade glass material
  • Beautiful engraving at the bottom


  • A bit pricey

Buying Guide Salad Plates

Damage resistant

The choice of plates is vital for ensuring they can resist damage. Usually, some materials are prone to damage due to daily usage. However, premium designed plates are ideal and worth to have. Although no material is entirely damage proof, some are reliable and superior.

Among the most reliable materials, porcelain, bone China, and stoneware, among others. They are capable of withstanding daily use without chipping or cracking. Also, the food juices can have effects on the materials. Therefore, quality material always ensures safety and reliability.

Plate pattern

The set of plates you choose is vital for creating a superb décor. There are different colors of plates and patterns available. Some come with plan design, while others offer a variety of colors. Usually, there are several patterns that people can choose.

Romantic: The romantic pattern plate set comes with different decorations like birds, fruits and others. They are typically ornamented, which helps to decorate the dining table.

Modern pattern: This pattern features geometric motifs. They are common when you want to create appealing designs without complications.

Classic patterns: The design borrows the decoration from historical periods. With neoclassical lines and asymmetry of rococo, the plates look exceptional. The classic pattern suits flatware and stemware.


There are many shapes one can choose to make their dining room look fabulous. Usually, the plates are divided into a coupe and rim shapes.

Coupe shaped plates are rimless and originated from the east. They are slightly raised, which give them a flat design. Thus, they are sometimes referred to as flat bowls. With a sleek and appealing design, the plates draw excellent attention to the food.

Rim shaped plates are commonly and originated from Europe. These plates are designed with a rim that prevents food from falling off the edges. With these plates available in different colors, they are superb for keeping the dining table sleek.

Number of plates in a set

Buying a set of plate is cheaper and offers uniform dishes. It is therefore important to ensure you get right set for the ultimate look. The plates are part of the décor, which makes it vital to get the right set to suit your home. Different sets come with varying number of plates. However, ones with more plates are better since they eliminate the need to buy different sets. Besides, a set with different sized plates is ideal for making the style look amazing.


Dessert plates are great for any home for fresh and fulfilling salad. The plates are versatile and ensure there is no more using regular ones. Available in different shapes, decorations, and materials, everyone enjoys a great look and performance.